Clients Ready to Retire? Tell them about life Settlements

Although the economy looks to be turning around for the better, there are still a group of Americans who are growing increasingly worried about their financial future. The baby boomers are reaching the golden age of retirement and instead of dreaming about the day where they can play golf, travel and spend valuable time with their loved ones, they are forced to continue to work due to the fear that their savings won’t be enough to last them through retirement.

Living through one of the worst economic times America has ever been through, can put a damper on one’s financial situation. The post World War II generation has slowly seen their company-sponsored retirement plans fade away, their own portfolios destroyed by the stock market crash and the value of their homes decreased. Even more, the low interest rates being offered have put a halt on any growth in their saving accounts and CD’s. All these factors are making it quite difficult for Americans who should be retiring, to do so without worrying about their financial future.

Life settlements are becoming more and more popular amongst seniors as an alternative means for retirement. The sale of an existing life insurance policy can provide capital to help retirees through the golden years, leaving them worry free and able to enjoy their well deserved time off. A life settlement can also help seniors fund their grandchildren’s college, help out their own children financially or as is the case very often, fund long term care for themselves. Whether universal life, whole life or term, all may be settled in the life settlement market.

Although a life settlement is not for everyone, everyone needs to be aware of the options available to them. Your clients can truly benefit emotionally and financially from a life settlement. If any of your clients have a life insurance policy that is no longer needed, wanted, affordable or will not be converted, make it your duty to advise them about a life settlement and put them in touch with a life settlement broker give them the peace of mind that everyone deserves.