Find Life Settlement Candidates In Current Clients

Financial advisors who become aware of the life settlement market may be tempted to start marketing their services to the mass population, but the smartest option may be to start looking at the clients you already serve. Marketing efforts are expensive and time consuming, so advisors should identify clients from within.

Do you have any clients who are 65 or older? Are any of those clients in need of immediate cash relief? Does a life settlement make sense for your clients’ specific situations? Did they not plan properly for retirement or did they come across unexpected health care costs? These are all questions you should be asking potential clients to see if a life settlement is right for them.

Since there is a lack of understanding of life settlements, it is important to discuss in detail with your clients exactly what a life settlement entails. Explain the process, the benefits, and the overall market. Once the conversations start, it’s very possible that you’ll find a good candidate for a life settlement without even looking outside your immediate network.

For many policyowners, education is the key to making decisions that will maximize their assets and provide for their financial goals. To learn more about life settlements and how to offer this valuable option to your clients, visit or email us directly to talk one-on-one with a Genesis advisor.