Life Settlements – On the Way to Becoming Mainstream

You know the saying, “it must be too good to be true”, well in the case of life settlements it is true. All the rumors and conversations you have heard about potentially obtaining significant cash settlements for ones life insurance policy, is happening everyday to seniors, their families and even their businesses throughout the country. Seniors, families and businesses just like the ones you represent.

The life settlement industry, a stranger to most and an invaluable tool to those who implement it within their practice, has seen its ups and downs. Speculation amongst investors had caused the market to take a slide a few years ago, just like all other markets. Advisors were not seeing offers for policies as they were used to, deeming a life settlement not worth their client’s while. Over the past couple of years, the secondary market for life insurance has not only been on the uptick, it has become more popular and more mainstream than ever before.

Forty one states have become heavily regulated within the life settlement industry. Five states have adopted the consumer friendly Consumer Disclosure Act, creating a new comfort level within the industry. This has had a positive effect on the market for consumers and professionals. Should this get advisors and policy owners thinking maybe it’s time to stop letting an opportunity go to waste? Imagine you are ready to retire and move to Florida, are you going to leave the keys to your house on the front step and walk away? A life insurance policy is an asset and just like all other assets have a monetary value, so may your life insurance policy. Don’t let your client, family member or a business you may represent miss out. Contact a Life Settlement Broker and make sure you are making the best decisions for you and your family.