Life Settlement Brokers Case Study Extraordinary By All Accounts

As Life Settlement Brokers we are constantly helping people find the best value for their life insurance policies but often we are fortunate enough to be a part of a life settlement that is exceptional in all respects. Recently the trustee of a policy and the insured’s family made the decision to surrender a $3MM policy for $35,000. Neither was very familiar with the life settlement option.

Initially when brought to their attention, they were not interested and wanted to simply move forward with the $35,000 surrender. The trustee was simply unable to provide much information about a life settlement and was perhaps not as knowledgeable as they should have been. Luckily the general agent copied on the surrender correspondence realized that a life settlement may be worth looking into. When contacting the trustee and insured on multiple occasions, the GA continued to be turned away. They were just not listening…

The GA decided to call one last time explaining to them that evaluating the policy for a life settlement would not only not cost anything; more importantly they would not lose any of the $35,000. Whether they surrendered then or two weeks later, the amount would remain the same. Sure enough, persistence paid off as the insured agreed to allow the review and gave the GA the two weeks.

Genesis spent two weeks rushing the underwriting and pricing the policy. Genesis came back to the trustee and family with $425,000 on this policy that was about to be surrendered for $35,000. The settlement was completed and the family and trustee were elated. (By the way, they still are…)

Two of the leading T & E professionals in the country asked that we bring this case study to the attention of the professional community and we are delighted to share it with you.
It is truly great when a wonderful case study comes along. The truth is that these opportunities are out there on a daily basis and we invite you to contact us to learn both how easy and extraordinary they may be.