What You (And Your Clients) Should Know About Retained Death Benefits

Do you have a client looking to unload their monthly premium payments, but who doesn’t want to leave the beneficiary without a death benefit? The life settlement market offers retained death benefits, and this may be just what your clients are looking for.

In recent years, the life settlement industry has introduced an exciting new product known as retained death benefits. With this creative and flexible option, senior policyholders can sell their policy for immediate cash but also keep a portion of the death benefit for loved ones. The buyer takes over premium payments, and the policyholder retains a percentage of the face value payout for his or her beneficiaries.

For many policyowners, education is the key to making decisions that will maximize their assets and provide for their financial goals. To learn more about life settlements and how to offer this valuable option to your clients, visit genesislifesettlements.com or email us directly to talk one-on-one with a Genesis advisor.