74 year old male

This policy holder was holding onto a potentially valuable policy. However, when the premium suddenly escalated, he found that he could no longer afford it. Here's what happened.


Policy Face Amount: $20,000,000  (2 $10,000,000 policies)

Cash Surrender Value: $0

Genesis Procured: $975,000

A policy owner with two policies insuring a 74 year old male was no longer able to maintain the premium payments on the policies. The general agent suggested only Genesis be used to try and procure an offer as the life expectancy seemed to indicate there was not a significant amount of arbitrage. Genesis through it’s exceptional relationships presented the owner with $975,000 for the two policies.

85 year old female & 88 year old male

A large policy held by a Trust was scheduled to be surrendered to the carrier for the listed Cash Surrender Value. The situation took a dramatic turn when a life settlement was mentioned.


Policy Face Amount: $3,000,000

Cash Surrender Value: $35,000

Genesis Procured: $425,000

A survivorship UL policy owned by a trust was going to be surrendered by the trust to the carrier for approximately $35,000. The general agent on the policy who was copied on the surrender correspondence, became aware of the surrender and contacted the trustee and insured. The insured and trustee were quite content accepting the surrender amount of $35,000 and were not very interested in exploring the life settlement option. After additional conversations and the detailed explanation as to the potential benefits of a life settlement, the insured and trustee agreed to have the policy evaluated by Genesis. Genesis procured an offer of $425,000 for the policy owner. This was more than 1200% greater than the surrender amount! Both the insured and the trustee were elated with such a stellar outcome.