Find out how much your life insurance policy is worth.

    When contemplating a life insurance settlement, we know you have choices with whom to do business. Choosing Genesis is a smart option.

    For the consumer

    Genesis represents you, the policy owner, in the sale of a life insurance policy. Our responsibility is to procure the very best opportunity the market will allow for the policy you are interested in selling and to have the case close and fund. Our relationship and strategic alliance with virtually every funding source and provider in the life settlement industry, enables us to present an owner with all options the secondary market allows for. Our abilities within our industry are second to none in terms of our diligence, closing ability, and of course offer procurement. As many of our funding and provider relationships will tell you, no brokerage in the industry has more determination and integrity.

    Our firm knows the market and knows which provider/fund may be an ideal buyer for your policy. When traditional cash offers are not available, other options such as retained benefit when possible may be procured. Our core focus is about the client and bringing an opportunity from concept to closing. Regardless, our commitment is to you and to educate you in order to allow you to make an informed decision.

    For the professionals

    As the life settlement industry continues to grow, more producers and financial professionals are turning to Genesis.

    Using a specialized life settlement broker like Genesis is ideal for professionals. It frees them to pursue their core business competencies. Furthermore, often we are able to give an expert opinion as to the viability of their cases upon the initial review. This saves time, money and a great deal of effort for our professional partners.

    Life insurance settlements are complex transactions, and more and more professionals understand the importance of having Genesis represent their clients. Cases must be constructed properly and be presented to the market efficiently. This approach allows professionals to focus on their core business while allowing Genesis to focus on what it does best. Policies are discussed with all provider/funding entities and all leveraging abilities are completed effectively. The value Genesis brings is not simply in the offer procured. Of equal value is the closing and funding of a case. When an offer is presented and accepted, it is an offer that a professional knows is the very best the market will allow. More importantly, our commitment is to you and your client and to educate you in order to allow you to advise your client appropriately.


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