Find out how much your life insurance policy is worth.

    Genesis – the industry’s premium life settlement broker – is made up of seasoned professionals who live by the motto to always place the client first. It is a philosophy that governs how we work, how we converse, and how we conduct ourselves every day. The work we do is always about the client, with an emphasis on understanding their objectives and presenting the best options.
    Genesis is proud of a management team that understands its responsibility to the client. Because of this, the Genesis approach is primarily education based. Whether professional or consumer, educating the client is our ultimate goal. An educated client is able to make a well informed decision that will ultimately be in their best interest.
    With billions of face amount processed and countless cases settled, Genesis has become the firm of choice for both policy owners and professionals. We have earned a reputation for having industry leading closing speed and have successfully taken many cases over the years that were declined for other firms. With our industry leading provider/funding relationships, we achieve exceptional results.
    No matter the policy our role as a life settlement broker remains the same and our commitment to the seller is constant. Our responsibility is not only procuring the best offer possible within the market, but educating the parties involved as well, to assist in them in making a prudent decision.
    We have successfully settled polices from $500,000 to $25,000,000. We recently opened up our parameters to accommodate the smaller face policies owned by many consumers. The options we have generated for our clients have included both cash and an irrevocable death benefit option. In certain situations, we have been able to offer both options on a single policy.
    Policy owners and professionals owe it to themselves to always look into a life settlement when potentially applicable. A life insurance policy is an asset and it should be evaluated as such.
    We want to earn your business. Contact us today.


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