Top 3 Financial Management Apps for 2014

With the economy in the rocky state that it is in, money management has become one of the most popular topics of discussion amongst people in the U.S. From health insurance and retirement savings, to the housing market and fuel prices, money matters are somewhat of a concern for the average American. While some people are turning to financial professionals to seek help and advice, others are taking matters into their own hands with the help of the latest web and mobile applications. The following is a list of the top 3 financial management apps for 2014 that we recommend as a means to help you gain control over your finances.

3. DollarBird

Rated one of the best finance apps in 2014, DollarBird is best known for its unique utilization of visual elements. This app features a series of color-coded charts, graphs, and diagrams that help users to keep track of both their income and expenses. Perhaps one of the coolest features of this apps is its ability to predict whether or not you will go over your budget by simply calculating your reoccurring bills and payments. It also includes a color-coded calendar for each month which allows users to see exactly when they made a purchase, and the type of purchase that was made. Sound appealing? Learn more here!

Cost: $1.99 Compatibility: IOS

2. Spendee

Do you have a guilty pleasure that tends to burn a whole in your pockets? Spendee is a great app for those who need to cut back on their spending. It allows you to track your expenses and then divides them into several categories so that by the end of the month you can see exactly how your money was spent. A few examples of the categories include gas, entertainment, home, and apparel. By seeing where the majority of your money is going you can then make the necessary adjustments and be on your way to financial freedom! Click here to learn more about this app.
Cost: $1.99 Compatibility: Android, IOS

1. Mint

Our numero uno spot belongs to no one other than the Mint app. Known as the best money management app in the industry, this app is the mother of all apps. It includes the basics such as income and expense tracking but that is only the beginning. The Mint app gathers information from all of your bank accounts, loans, credit cards, etc. and complies it into one set of organized data. It also sends out the following types of alerts via e-mail: low balance, upcoming bill payment, direct deposit, account charges, and suspicious activity. As if all of the features listed above aren’t enticing enough, here’s the best part—it’s absolutely FREE! Click here to get started on managing your finances with Mint.
Cost: FREE Compatibility: Android, IOS, web

It is important to note that the apps listed above, and most all other finance management apps, do require users to input personal information such as bank account info, billing info, etc. Please be sure to use caution when inputting your personal information and avoid using apps that you have not done thorough research on. For more information on the mobile apps listed above, or to view a more extensive list of financial management apps click here.