Are You Offering Clients The Best Possible Service?

Your clients have entrusted you with helping them make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families. And as their trusted advisor, you strive to give them all the information they need to make rational economic decisions.

According to Conning, an estimated $180 billion of face terminates irrationally each year, meaning that the policies could have been sold for more than any funds received.

In a recent study by Insurance Studies Institute (ISI), seniors were asked why they lapsed such policies and 90% said they did not know that selling their policy was an option. When their advisors were asked why they didn’t educate their clients about the life settlement option, 50% said they were also unaware of the market.

For many policyowners, education is the key to making decisions that will maximize their assets and provide for their financial goals. To learn more about life settlements and how to offer this valuable option to your clients, visit or email us directly to talk one-on-one with a Genesis advisor.